3.Great Route Conquest (available in version 1.3)

Great Route Conquest: When enough ports are occupied, the Great Route Conquest will be opened, and only guilds that have become port lords can participate. Each lord can invite two additional guilds to participate.

The Great Route Conquest has the following rules:

  • Each lord leads a group of guilds and sets out from different directions

  • Challenge NPCs along the way to reach the final island

  • After arriving at the final island, the winning guild will be decided in a battle against other guild groups and the final boss

  • After a winner emerges, the winning lord becomes the king of the sea for this period, and their image is displayed in all ports.

  • After a winner emerges, the prize pool will be released based on the average coin price and peak coin price ratio during the MTT period (currently set to the month before the competition). The winner has the right to control 60% of the total prize pool for this Great Route Conquest, and the remaining two guilds will each receive 20%.

  • The winning guild will also receive rare commemorative NFTs, heroes, ships, and other rewards.

  • After the first Great Route Conquest, periodic Great Route Conquest competitions will be opened.

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