1.Web 3.0 Era

In the Web 1.0 era, most internet applications were only able to publish, share, and interact with information, and rarely could they dig deeper into value. The Web 2.0 era is the industrial era of data, computation, and products. The lower the cost and the higher the efficiency of internet platforms in processing data, the more their monopolistic position will gradually form.

In the past decade, various internet platforms have emerged in various fields such as search, social, geographic services, and information publishing. These giants have not only realized the value of data through precision advertising but also challenged traditional industries through the combination of data, traffic, and scenes with their technological and scale advantages in data.

Web3.0 is a development and extension of the Web2.0 era, driven by the development of blockchain, 5G, and augmented reality technology. In the Web3.0 era, users have true ownership of their own permissions and are not only recipients and creators of information, but also owners of information value.

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