Web3.0 is the collective term for the next-generation Web vision, which combines various emerging disciplines, technologies, and ideas. The birth of the Web3.0 era also signifies that new Web interaction modes are about to impact the internet. MetaLine is a GameFi2.0 product that comes from the Web3.0 era, with a strategic management game based on the theme of navigation.

MetaLine is committed to creating a game world that is not limited by geography or time, allowing players to enjoy the fun of the game while receiving substantial token rewards. Players have various participation modes to choose freely. Any player can compete and cooperate in the game by owning and developing their own heroes, ships, ports, and land, expanding their strength through tokens and various NFT props to obtain economic rewards. Players can gain a sense of achievement and wealth in the vast MetaLine game world.

MetaLine is an open, transparent, and inclusive world. All information, assets, and game content in the game have been decentralized, truly integrating the trend of blockchain technology, finance, and social attributes, and will promote the establishment of a Web3.0 digital ecosystem centered on blockchain, NFT, and GameFi.

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