2.Web3.0 Game

When the Internet arrived, no one could have imagined how top Silicon Valley companies would change business and technology for everyone. Years after the Internet business revolution, the world is ready for the Web3.0 revolution, and Web3.0 gaming is one of the first steps in this long journey. The concept of Web3.0 games is fundamentally different from traditional gaming platforms. In fact, Web3.0 games provide an innovative perspective for participating in games in a decentralized manner. All activities within the Web3.0 game or gaming ecosystem, as well as ownership of in-game assets and experience, are beyond the scope of any central authority. Players have complete ownership of their assets and experience in the decentralized Web3.0 gaming ecosystem. One of the main highlights of Web3.0 gaming is the integration of blockchain into the gaming world.

In addition, Web3.0 gaming provides the innovative advantage of earning while playing, rather than the pay-to-play model in traditional gaming. Some notable highlights of Web3.0 gaming that support the "play-to-earn" feature include the ability to trade NFT assets or tradeable game tokens.

The importance of Web3 gaming in the crypto field has also significantly increased based on providing a fair virtual market. Web3.0 games can provide players with full access and complete ownership of in-game digital assets. These games can store in-game digital assets in the form of NFTs while supporting interoperability.

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