6.Goods Sale

Goods can be sold in stores, either in the local port's store or in other port's stores. Selling goods can earn gold (Gold). Stores are the only system in MetaLine that produces gold. The rules for goods sales are as follows:

  1. Store shelves have an initial capacity limit. Upgrading the store can increase shelf capacity and sales speed.

  2. Goods can be moved from the warehouse to the store shelves for sale.

  3. As time progresses, the goods on the shelves will be destroyed and then generate gold based on the price of the goods.

  4. The gold produced is stored in the store, and users need to collect it manually.

  5. Goods have different prices in different ports. The price of goods in the local port will be very low. The farther the goods are from their origin port, the higher the price.

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