3.Pet NFT(ERC721)

There are five different types of pets, each with 1 million different appearance variations.

Obtain Pets:

  1. Genesis Pets: Obtained from mystery pet eggs boxes.

Pet Attributes: Pet attributes are divided into two categories, mining and battle. Pets can be used together with heroes to improve gold efficiency, and their battle attributes improve PVP and PVE capabilities.

  1. Mining attributes include: Collection Bonus, Production Bonus,Sell Bonus, Speed Bonus, Load Capacity Bonus, Range Bonus, and Expedition Bonus.

  2. Battle attributes include: Attack, Defense, Health, Accuracy, Evasion, Critical Hit, Critical Hit Resistance, Speed.

Pets Functions

  1. Pets can be dispatched to gather materials automatically.

  2. Pets can be dispatched to production lines with heroes, with their attributes stacking to improve production efficiency.

  3. Pets can be dispatched for transportation with heroes, with their attributes stacking to improve transportation efficiency.

  4. Pets can be dispatched on expeditions with heroes, increasing MTT earnings.Open in later version: To upgrade pets by training pets in the training ground, you need to consume gold. The higher the level, the more combat attributes you can improve.

The little dragon

The blood of the ancient sacred dragon, has a paranoid love for shiny items such as gold coins, gems, and artifacts. Dealing with things only depends on one's own likes and dislikes. As a dragon, cultivation can only be achieved through a long deep sleep. This is also the unique advantage of all dragons. But if someone dares to wake him up when he is sleeping, the fiery breath of the dragon will make you understand the majesty of the ancient dragon clan!

blazing angel

Heroes who are mainly responsible for fighting in the heavens. From the moment he was born, all the combat skills in the heavens have been deeply carved into his foundation. The meaning of his existence spreads. If there is light, there will be light in the world. God said to repent of all sins, that means there are silly angels in the world. In his long life, apart from fighting for the gods, his greatest hobby was singing praises!

Son of the devil

When Lucifer defected from heaven, he was incarnated from a drop of blood left behind by the angels. There are some memory fragments of the heavens. Has an innate hatred of angels. Cruel, cunning, and bloodthirsty by nature. It is good at evoking the most primitive, naked and evil desires in human hearts. In a sense, the little devil is also a clone of Lucifer in this world, so there are infinite possibilities on the way of cultivation.


The first child of Loki, the god of weirdness, and Angelberda, the giantess, is also the eldest brother of the world snake Jormungandr and the god of death, Hela. Legend has it that when he opened his mouth, the upper and lower jaws could withstand the sky and the earth. Fenrir was ferocious and powerful by nature, and Zeng Jin broke twice the iron chains that the gods used to tie him. In the end, the gods used 6 rare materials to make the magic chain Gleipnir (Gleipnir) and sacrificed a hand of the god of war Tyr to capture him.


The legendary Gorgon, one of the three Gorgon sisters, lives in the place where the other side of the river Oceanus that surrounds the earth meets the land of night. His father is Phorcus, the son of Gaia, the goddess of the earth, and Pontos, the god of the sea, and his mother is Keto, the sister of Phorcus. It is said that anyone who sees her eyes will be turned to stone. According to legend, she was beheaded by the hero Perseus, and her head was embedded in Athena's shield. In fact, Medusa did not die, but came to the METALINE world through a time-space wormhole.

Pet Leveling (available in version 1.1): Train pets at the training ground to increase their level, which consumes gold. Higher levels provide more battle attribute improvements.

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