3.Factory Production

Each factory allows users to start different production lines. Different ports can have different goods production lines, and the goods that can be produced are determined by the factory level. The higher the factory level, the more expensive the goods produced.

Factory production has the following rules:

  1. Factories initially have one production line. As the factory is upgraded, more production lines can be opened by consuming MTT/ETH.

  2. Production lines can choose target goods (Goods) for production. Different goods require one or more different raw materials (Commodity).

  3. After filling with raw materials, the factory will automatically produce goods. Produced goods will be stacked in the production line, and users need to manually claim them to the warehouse.

  4. There is an upper limit to the amount of goods that can be stacked in the production line. Once this limit is reached, production will stop.

  5. One hero and one pet can be dispatched to a production line to increase production efficiency.

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