5.Ship Transportation

After users produce a series of goods, the goods are transported by ships. Goods need to be loaded onto the ships, and once loaded, the ships can sail from one port to another through the harbor. The rules for ship transportation are as follows:

  1. Ships docked at the current port can choose to load goods (Goods). If a ship has already loaded goods, the loaded goods need to be unloaded to the storehouse (Storehouse). Ships have a cargo limit, and they cannot load more goods once the limit is reached.

  2. After loading goods, ships can choose to depart from the current port and select a port city within their sailing range as their destination.

  3. After selecting the destination port, enough food (Foods) must be available in the warehouse. When departing, food will be automatically loaded onto the ship from the warehouse.

  4. After departure, wait for the ship to arrive at the destination port city.

  5. Upon arrival at the destination port city, ships can choose to unload goods to the destination port city's warehouse. If the port permit has not yet been obtained in the target city, it must be obtained first to unlock the warehouse before unloading goods.

  6. Ships can dispatch heroes as crew members and pets to stay on board. Heroes and pets can improve the ship's transportation efficiency.

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